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The benefits of CBD for restful sleep

The quality of sleep significantly affects the body and the mind.

Its positive effects are beneficial for the brain, body and emotional stability. Indeed, effective sleep facilitates decision-making and learning.

In addition, it boosts both energy and the immune system. For athletes, it is vital because it ensures optimal physical recovery.

In general, sleep allows you to rebalance your emotions, fight against depression and stress.

However, a Swiss study carried out in 2021 demonstrates that: “Only a third of those questioned feel relaxed when they wake up, while 28% suffer from back pain and 11% even say they wake up at night because of pain“.

Why are we affected by such troubles?

In reality, the factors that reduce the quality of sleep are plural.

To combat this problem, many individuals indulge in taking medication. However, it is important not to overlook some of their side effects.

To soothe your sleeping troubles, Harbl offers several natural choices that rely on the benefits of CBD.

sleep disorders are the result of various factors

As a general rule, sleep disorders can occur due to psychological stress, an unhealthy lifestyle or, in certain specific cases, more serious pathologies.

Between external and internal factors, they are mostly caused by anxiety and stress.

In 2018, after carrying out a study in nine countries (United States, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan), IPSOS states that: “Every week, approximately a quarter of the world’s population suffers from stress, sleeping problems, back pain and headaches“.

These different physical and psychological tensions maintain close links. Indeed, stress can lead to sleep problems and therefore physical pain, loss of vigilance, difficulty concentrating and even mood swings. In this situation, for example, it is difficult to remain attentive at work…

a decisive impact on everyday life: from work to leisure…

Moreover, many jobs require spending a long time in front of computers and telephones, essential work tools.

The blue light emitted by these screens negatively affects the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

You can’t sleep and yet you feel very tired. In addition, between your personal and professional obligations, your days are very busy.

As a result, your eating habits can also take a turn for the worse. In this case: either you eat too large meals, or you no longer have an appetite and you no longer eat anything.

Either way, bad idea. This further slows down your metabolism and you get stuck in a vicious cycle.

Sleep is also essential for athletes.

A lack of rest can increase the risk of injury. Especially for sports that require intense physical effort such as crossfit.

Finally, as mentioned previously, certain medications can cause sleep complications: “Several studies on sleep have revealed that sleeping pills lead to impaired sleep pattern” (source : migros-impuls.ch).


restful sleep thanks to the benefits of CBD

You can find a restful sleep thanks to the virtues of CBD. This encourages the reduction of cortisol levels, this stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands.

However, hypersecretion of this hormone can cause hypertension, diabetes, obesity or muscle fatigue.

On the other hand, stress can take the form of mental excitement.

The latter is regulated by the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

This has the function of slowing down mental activity and preparing the mind to fall asleep at night. CBD is an indirect modulator of GABA.

Rather, it facilitates the binding of natural GABA to the receptors themselves.

Therefore, it causes a feeling of relaxation and a decrease in symptoms of hyperstimulation in the brain (anxiety, insomnia…).

To learn more about this, you can research further with the United States National Library of Medicine.

Harbl, a natural choice for peaceful sleep

More generally, CBD has relaxing properties: it relaxes the muscles and thus makes it possible to fall asleep more quickly.

With that in mind, Harbl brings you 3 formulas that marry CBD with purified organic hemp seed oil and other essential oils.

First, Harbl recommends Harbl Dream: it targets anxiety and insomnia.

Thanks to the well-known properties of marjoram oil, it promotes relaxation of body and mind.

Harbl also recommends Harbl Relax. The lavender oil present in this blend is renowned for its soothing properties.

Finally, Harbl brings you Harbl 4000: a CBD formula that improves mood and relieves physical tension.


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