Harbl Identity

We are Harbl, the Swiss Botanical Innovation Company, dedicated to bringing anyone suffering from the stresses and strains of modern society the very best natural alternatives to over the counter treatments. This is harbl identity.

We believe that the new, ever-increasing levels of mental and physical issues caused by the pressure of modern living can be significantly reduced by the power of innovative botanicals. By re-discovering the balancing and healing properties of Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN, we are putting to work one of nature’s most potent, effective and proven botanicals.

We are committed to being the best of the best. We combine the finest Swiss blenders and their legacy for botanical expertise, quality and precision, all meticulously researched and sourced with the very best ingredients. We then follow the strictest independent laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality formulas.

Unlike other CBD companies, we use continuous consumer engagement at all stages of our processes, ensuring we are always responding to their feedback and meeting their specific needs. That’s why our formulas are designed and categorized to target ailments identified as most relevant to consumers. This is our Harbl identity

We will continue to work tirelessly with our blenders to produce formulas ever more specific to consumer requirements, to make an even more positive difference to peoples’ lives.


We care for our products:

Ethically and naturally sourced, we  grow our hemp under the German sun following strictest and respectful Bio Agricultural Standards.

We pride ourselves not only with some of the best organic products available on the European market, but also with a clear and transparent approach towards what’s in them.

During the formulation process, we conduct repeated analysis to ensure quality and precision. Every batch is accompanied with a specific analysis, which can be also found on our website via the QR code on each box.


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    The Swiss Botanic Innovation Compagny

    Our innovative botanical formulas harness the power and goodness of plants and
    Cannabinoids (CBD) and can help rebalance body and mind to cope with life’s
    challenges and improve your wellbeing.

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