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How to relieve digestive disorders and colon problems with Harbl products?


In this post-holiday season, digestive and colon disorders are more common health problems than usual.

Globally, they affect a large number of individuals. In France, two studies respectively carried out in 2017 and 2021 by theIFOP demonstrate that the percentage of individuals affected by digestion problems remains constant: it goes from 48% to 45%.

In addition, scientists distinguish several types of digestive problems and multifaceted causes. Most often, these disorders are benign but prove to be bothersome on a daily basis. Regarding colon problems, French health insuranceameli.fr evokes the “irritable bowel syndrome” : about 5% of French people are affected.

In Switzerland, according to recent studies, this disease affects 10 to 15% of adults (i.e. more than 1 in 10 people).

Are you affected by these health concerns? To relieve your digestive and colon disorders, Harbl offers you natural products that rely on the benefits of CBD.

why do we face digestive and/or colon problems?

First, dietary habits are the main cause of digestive disorders.

Eating meals that are too high in calories weighs heavily on your stomach. This slows down the digestion mechanism.

During the holidays, certain excesses can aggravate an already fragile situation for certain organisms.

With this in mind, the Swiss health site Creapharma.ch affirms : “Watch your diet so you know what foods may be causing your indigestion”.

Still in the context of food, another element can also cause these types of problems: aerophagia.

According to Professor Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, doctor in gastroenterology and hepatology: “Aerophagia in fact corresponds to a tic or a bad habit (unconscious phenomenon) which consists of swallowing too much air while eating and/or drinking”.

The phenomenon remains benign but gives an unpleasant feeling.

Similarly, tobacco or alcohol can disrupt the digestive system.

Over the years, many scientific studies have proven it: their consumption in large quantities, especially over the long term, can lead to intestinal and colon diseases in particular.

On the other hand, lifestyle is a determining factor. For example, patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are very often stressed.

A scientific article published on the Swiss Medical Journal evoked: “considerable repercussions on the quality of life of patients, influencing several aspects of well-being (social and emotional functioning, concentration, sleep, etc.)”.

Finally, according to VIDAL, reference site for health products, taking certain medications can promote these disorders.

💡Tip: To find out about the side effects of your medications, be sure to consult the government website for the Public Drug Database.


CBD troubles digestifs


What are the symptoms of digestive and colon disorders? How can I relieve them?

Several symptoms are proof of a certain imbalance in the stomach and intestinal transit.

For example, feelings of heaviness and bloating, stomach aches, heartburn or even nausea.

In fact, taking care of your gut flora is a fundamental need to balance body and mind.

Indeed, scientists have proven that the intestine represents our second brain. The connection between the two organs is made thanks to the vagus nerve: “The researchers interviewed have now been able to see, thanks to modern laboratory equipment, that our belly contains a real nerve center of some two hundred million neurons which oversee our digestion” (source: documentary by Cécile Denjean on Arte in March 2014).

Thus, to relieve your symptoms, Harbl offers you its products Harbl 3000, Harbl 4000 and Harbl Relax.

The hemp seed oil present is rich in fiber and essential fatty acids. They nourish the intestinal cells and promote their regeneration.

💡 At the same time, a healthy lifestyle is essential (eg practicing sports regularly, eating healthy). According to an article by doctor Philippe de Saussure published in the Swiss Medical Journal : “Patients who significantly improve one or two aspects of their lifestyle see the intensity of their DFT* symptoms decrease by half in six months”.

*Digestive Functional Disorders.


CBD troubles digestifs


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