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Pure CBD oils formulas to improve mood and mindfulness while easing physical tension. Enjoy a pure CBD oil with neutral taste

Swiss quality CBD oil

Discover HARBL Swiss Botanic innovation’s products, as well as the therapeutic virtues of cannabidiol and its uses. Our pure CBD oil with neutral taste oils are available in a 30 ml child-safety dropper bottle for more precise dosage.

Our team extracts cannabidiol with CO2 before dissolving it in 100% Bio Hemp seeds oil which has been refined to remove the bitterness taste but keep all its nutrients as Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamin E.  

We produce all our CBD oils without any added artificial substances in Switzerland.

Our Cannabidiol oils guarantee extraction from organic hemp grown without pesticides or other harmful products. Enjoy safe & pure CBD oil with neutral taste

The effect of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Hemp, a cousin breed of cannabis, is a plant that contains several active ingredients. The most present in quantity, CBD (cannabidiol), is said to have numerous health benefits without any psychotropic effects.

According to recent scientific studies, cannabidiol reacts positively with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. The active components of CBD adhere to the surface of nerve cells and can cause beneficial changes to help with relieving pain, stress and anxiety, but also promoting sleep.

Benefits of CBD oil

CBD appears to have many benefits for improving certain physical and/or mental health problems. Various scientific studies have shown the benefits of CBD in the following situations: Anxiety, depression, cramps, inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, insomnia … HARBL offers you its CBD pure oils in a practical, elegant and easy to carry child-safety dropper bottle. This container also allows for more accurate dosing.

How to use HARBL CBD oil

CBD Oil has become one of the primary methods of delivering cannabinoids to humans and animals.

It can be ingested by holding a few drops (as mentioned on the labels) under the tongue for 45 seconds. You can also add a few drops to a drink or food, or to a moisturiser, balm or body lotion.

CBD is insoluble in water but binds to fat for transport in the body. Therefore, prefer to consume it with vegetable oils, for example in massages, sublingual administration or even mouthwash.

In HARBL’s CBD online shop, you can buy CBD oils in different concentrations as well as specific innovative formulation designed to act on targeted ailments. To do so, we enhanced the power of CBD with adjunction of CBG or CBN and the relevant botanic essential oil.

Discover our Harbl Pure CBD oil with neutral taste range.

Bio Certified Hemp

Refined to remove the bitterness taste

Rich in essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids

Swiss Quality

Choose your HARBL PURE

Pure CBD oils formulas to improve mood and mindfulness while easing physical tension.


Coralie bouchage

coralie bouchage

A small miracle..... I have been treated for migraines since I was a teenager, and for more than two years I have been taking powerful anti-inflammatory drugs which have the side effect of irritating my digestive system. My neurologist reduced my treatment and I tried Harbl 3000 as a complement. I was able to reduce my seizures and headaches after 2 weeks of taking it, less anti-inflammatory medication, and therefore a much less swollen stomach. I am delighted to have discovered this product and I am looking forward to seeing the long-term effects. It's my little miracle that allows me to touch an "almost" normal life with my fingertips. Thank you!

harbl 3000 - 24 Novembre 2021
Evan Laude

Evan Laude

I have only been taking Harbl Focus for 10 days and already feel I am concentrating much better. It helps me a lot !

harbl focus - November 6th 2021
Silvana Cassaretto

silvana cassaretto

After years of working on myself, my encounter with Harbl came into my life at just the right time. Digestive and intestinal discomfort persisted despite the change in my lifestyle. My sleep was very light and unrestful. Within 48 hours of taking the hemp oil 3000, the effects were already palpable on the digestive side, no more tension, no more cramps and a transit that listens to what needs to be eliminated ;). During the week, I noticed that I slept more deeply and easily 6 hours in a row without waking up. The combination of Harbl products have given me the stability that was missing in my daily life. The creams are also exceptional, especially the "relief cold" and "relief warm" which have become indispensable to me after volleyball training.

harbl 3000 - harbl relief cold & warm
Steve Schroeter

Steve Schroeter

I've been using Reboot for 2 months now, taking my pipette before going to work and I feel fit and full of energy. I highly recommend this fantastic product!

harbl reboot - October 26th 2021
Tania Pereira nion

tania periera nion

Hello, I had a lot of digestive problems and gluten/lactose intolerance. I tried Harbl 4000 which made my stomach swell up already after a few days. Since then, I can't do without these drops, which not only give me vitality, but also take care of my body from the inside and above all allow me to eat what I like. Thank you Harbl

harbl 4000 - October 25th 2021

eric jacquin

59 years old, regular runner, I felt a sharp pain in my knee after a long session on hard ground. It could be tendinopathy. The pain was acute and prevented me from putting pressure on my leg. Combined with a full day of rest the next day, the relief cold and warm products quickly gave me relief. I appreciate having a natural remedy for everyday bruises and injuries. I recommend both products.

harbl relief cold & warm - October 21st 2021

matthieu daumas

Great product! The Relax product is very good to find a serenity of the spirit and a relaxation of the body. It's great!

harbl relax - October 19th 2021


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