CBD heat and cool gel

Regenerating anti-inflammatory CBD effect gels

Regenerating anti-inflammatory CBD heat and cool gel concentrate combines with cooling or heating effect, pure Arnica and Devil’s Claw extract to relax muscles and joints, providing rapid, lasting pain relief and mobility to the treated area.

1500mg CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is known for its regenerating, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties for muscles and joints.

It acts on inflammatory muscle and joint problems, rapidly improving mobility.

Harbl Relief

Natural CBD heat and cool gel with targeted muscle and joint pain relief

10% Arnica montana extract

Arnica comes from the perennial Arnica montana, a yellow-orangish flower that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia. With anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action thanks to the presence of sesquiterpene lactones. It reduces swelling, protects capillaries and relieves pain caused by stretching or contractures.

5% Pure devil’s claw extract

Devil’s claw is a herbal supplement primarily used as an alternative  treatment for arthritis and pain. Devil’s claw has been proposed as a potential remedy for inflammatory  conditions because it contains plant compounds called iridoid glycosides, particularly harpagoside.

Thanks to particular Harpagoside molecules, it is particularly indicated for osteoarticular problems and  muscular inflammation.

Grapefruit extract

Grapefruit extract active ingredient that promotes cell regeneration and improves microcirculation, firming the tissues  of the epidermis. It has an antibacterial and antiseptic action.

Menthol & eucalyptus essential oil

Antibacterial and decongestant action; acts in synergy with menthol to give a  soothing and calming fresh effect.

Date extract

Active ingredient with moisturising, elasticising and toning action on the skin tissue

Organic hemp oil

Rich in fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, it is a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating remedy with a soothing activity

Unique innovation

Immediate Relief

100% Natural active ingredients

No animal testings

Choose your HARBL Relief

Natural effect gels with CBD targeting muscle and joint pain relief


céline charotton

My sleep has never been so peaceful THANK YOU! Loyal customer, perfect customer service, kind and fast! I recommend their products, I use the dream oil for my sleep. I have just ordered Reboot to test I'm sure the result will be up to my expectations

Harbl Dream - June 1, 2022

Sarine Crossfit - Cindy OM

Great products. We use them and highly recommend them in our sports centre. As a general practitioner, I do not hesitate to suggest it for refractory pain.

harbl 4000, harbl Dream & relax, harbl relief cold
Roxanne Vogel

roxanne Vogel

Just magical, these products are really something.... I was going through a rather heavy period and I didn't know how to deal with it, my emotions were going in all directions. The 3000 drops in the evening, the relax in the morning and believe me there is a clear difference on the moods. Thank you for this crutch which allows a soft transition in all these planetary energies which discent us a lot and where sometimes a good help is necessary. I feel serene and it allows me to reconnect. I really needed it. (for my part the effect is instantaneous and lasts over time, it's the best) I also took the heating cream, it smells great and is really great! Bye bye aches and pains 💪💪💪

Harbl 3000 & Relax, Harbl Relief Warm

crossfit svarog

I discovered Harbl products about a month ago and what a great discovery! They are really products of a quality rarely seen! After a week of using the 3000 oil, I have seen my sleep change and become much more restful. I wake up before my alarm clock and feel great! I also use the relief warm cream a lot and it gives me great comfort after training. I can only recommend these products!

harbl 3000 & Relief Warm - February 28, 2022

sylvie gfeller

I didn't expect such a result, especially with the cream, for stage 4 osteoarthritis, but I was really surprised at the pain relief. Thank you for your help.

harbl 4000 & harbl relief cold & warm - February 22, 2022
Christian Gaschen

christian gaschen

Great product, exactly what I expected. Heats and relaxes the treated areas perfectly. I highly recommend this product! I have had sciatica problems for several years and the effect of this cream combined with a little movement is simply beneficial to my well-being. Great!

Harbl Relief warm - February 1st, 2022
photo Viviane Bignens

viviane bignens

Having used Dream for a week now, we have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of our sleep and we wake up feeling rested and energetic. After several months of restless nights, what a joy to find serenity! Thank you for this excellent product.

harbl Dream - February 15, 2022


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