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CBD, a natural choice to soothe muscle pain in athletes

Whatever their level or the intensity of their practice, the athlete is not immune to muscle pain.

With age, they intensify and interfere with sporting activity but also with simple everyday actions.

After a certain age, if you wake up without hurting somewhere, it’s because you are dead,” said the famous French artist Maurice-Pierre Barrier.

While putting things into perspective is a good thing, taking care of yourself is a necessity, regardless of your age.

Do you have muscle tension? You do not know how to relieve them?

Thanks to the virtues of CBD, Harbl offers you gentle and natural help to soothe your muscle pain.


Running has the wind in its sails. In France, it has nearly 14 million followers.

The appearance of muscle pain during or after running is very common.

If you don’t listen to your body, simple aches and pains can turn to inflammation and then muscle damage (from stretching to tearing).

Several reasons may explain the persistence of these pains and future injuries: insufficient warming up, excessive training, an imbalance between the strength of the agonist and antagonist muscles (for example: biceps / triceps) or even insufficient muscle stretching. in relation to the degree of muscle strain.

Did you know? During a marathon, around the 30th kilometer, sharp painful sensations (including muscle pain) are diffused in the bodies of athletes.

Yet very few of them give up. According to doctors Karen J. Sparrow and Douglas B. McKeag, pain caused by intense physical exertion causes the release of beta-endorphin with euphoric and analgesic action.

the squat

To build the thighs and glutes, many athletes practice the squat (bending on the legs).

The squat is a poly-articular bodybuilding movement useful for all sports disciplines and ideal for strengthening the entire lower part of the body.

It reduces the risk of serious injuries and strengthens the flexibility and mobility of your joints.

However, when you do a squat with your knees bent and your back leaning against a wall, you will experience a sensation of heat then pain and a feeling that the muscle is about to explode.

According to the researchers J W Pan, J R Hamm, D L Rothman, et R G Shulman: “This painful sensation is linked to hyperacidity, caused by the lack of oxygen supply to muscle tissue. Muscle hyperacidity also causes electrical and electrolyte imbalance in extracellular fluid, which can irritate intramuscular pain receptors and increase pain sensation.”


cramps and contractures

Cramps should not be confused with contractures.

A cramp is a transient, involuntary, sudden, and extremely painful contraction of one or more muscles.

Usually, the muscles concerned are those of the lower limbs, in other words the thighs, calves and feet..

What are the causes of cramps? Several reasons are evoked by science.

They are said to be the result of an insufficient supply of oxygen or blood electrolytes, or even of an accumulation of toxins linked to exertion.

Moreover, they can be the result of muscle exhaustion or dehydration.

Regarding nocturnal cramps, according to sante.journaldesfemmes.fr they can be one of the Side effects of a treatment.


About contractures, osteopath Raphaële Pouret explains : “Muscle contracture results in muscle sore and hard to the touch”.

It is the consequence of an abnormal or exaggerated activity of the muscle, of its involuntary contraction.

The contracture mainly affects the thighs, calves or back. It then causes a strong pain which differs from cramps by its duration. Indeed, contractures do not give way as quickly.

They can last several weeks and severely handicap the daily life..

There are two types of contractures. Primary contracture: when the muscle is contracted abnormally during rest.

Secondary contracture: associated with another muscle problem (strain, strain, tear, rupture) or irritation of the neighboring joint.

Several reasons can explain contractures: an excess of physical or sporting activity, an infectious disease or a poorly regulated muscle lesion.

from fitness to crossfit

To improve cardio-vascular performance, build muscle, work on your figure and general physical condition, many people practice fitness.

In addition, recently imported into Europe from the United States, the Crossfit offers athletes to go further and surpass themselves even more.

With more than fifty exercises (hence its name Crossfit which can be translated as “cross training”), Crossfit combines several practices: bodybuilding, weight lifting, gymnastics and endurance exercises.

The peculiarity common to all these physical activities lies in the very high intensity work and shortened recovery times.

Do you practice fitness or Crossfit and want natural support to minimize muscle pain?

harbl, a natural aid to relieve muscle pain

To stem this pain, many people regularly take medication.

If you want to know the side effects that these can potentially generate, you can consult the public drug database (government site): ici

Harbl is a Swiss botanical innovation company.

On a daily basis, we dedicate ourselves to the well-being of people who suffer from physical problems, stress and the constraints of modern society.

In this sense, we put at your disposal the best natural options compared to over-the-counter treatments..

Harbl offers you Swiss quality CBD oils and gels to soothe muscle pain.

Discover in particular the therapeutic virtues of cannabidiol through a selection of products from the Harbl Relief and Harbl Pure range.

Discover our refreshing gels which combine several natural properties including CBD, pure Arnica and Devil’s Claw extract.

💡 To limit inflammation, it is best to use a cold gel (Harbl Relief Cold). On the other hand, for contractures, it is better to favor heat (Harbl Relief Warm). For additional advice on using heat and cold,

Do you want to ensure a better connection between your body and your mind while relieving your muscle tension? Discover Harbl 4000.

Want to speed up recovery? Want to get back on track quickly by calming your body and stimulating your mind? Discover harbl reboot

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