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Natural relief for your natural flows – CBD & menstrual pain

Photo woman in CBD menstrual pain

Around 80% of women experience menstrual discomfort at some point in their life.

So, how about a natural way to ease menstrual symptoms? How about using CBD to relief from menstrual physical and emotional pain

From light cramps, lower back or abdominal pain, migraine, pelvic aches, mood changes, irritability, insomnia, to intense spasms…a wide list of physical and emotional symptoms which varies from one to another.

« Studies have found that CBD can help alleviate PMS symptoms, which occur before or during your period. CBD may help moderate mood irregularities and overall mental health.»




Now what exactly happens to the body during monthlies?

The primary and main function of the uterus is to house and nourish a foetus.

When the uterus is empty (no pregnancy), menstruation occurs by shedding its lining. During which the walls of the uterus tightens.

When doing so it compresses the blood vessels tissues which cuts off the blood supply.

Thus, the oxygen supply to the uterus is cut off too. Without oxygen, the lining inside releases chemicals that triggers pain.


With their proven both anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN) are all cannabinoids which you can benefit from during your periods.

CBD relief the pain from from menstrual physical and emotional pain.



CBD helps to reduce blood sugar levels, muscles spasms and is a natural vasorelaxant.



CBG may be used as a vasodilator and to balance hormonal flows.



CBN also helps to reduce muscle spasms and may be a great aid for you to sleep.

Photo woman in CBD menstrual pain

Natural self-help tips – Ways to reduce menstrual pain

Special days special diet

Reduce the amount of salt in your diet to avoid water retention and limit sugar to counter inflammation and bloating. If you crave for a treat, prefer fruit or unsalted nuts.


Hydrate more than often

Drink water to reduce bloating. Preferably hot water which can increase the blood flow throughout the body and relax muscles. Try chamomile, fennel or ginger tea.


Let it shine

Studies have shown a higher Vitamin D level decreases pain intensity. Try Vitamin D supplement and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine.


Skip the caffeine

Replace caffeine by decaf. The former will induce blood vessel narrowing which will increase your cramp pain.


Bubble up

A nice warm bath or shower to relax your muscles and reduce pelvic pain. Perfect before night time to relieve tension and ease your sleep.  If you are taking a bath try adding an essential oils.



If the intensity of pain allows it, use your natural endorphin as a pain killer by exercising. Take a walk, run, swim or do your usual sport. Dancing, yoga, pilates or tai-chi are some lighter forms of exercise which are of great benefit too.

Foto glückliche Frau in Yoga-Haltung bei Sonnenaufgang

For menstrual pain we recommend:


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